Press passes to Boston Calling Music Festival in May 2014 with Jack Johnson, Death Cab for Cutie, and Modest Mouse headlining? Yes, please! 

Some highlights from the day:

1. Jenny Lewis’s FIERCE pant suit.

2. "Rivers and Roads" by The Head and the Heart - when it just started to rain a bit.

3. One word: CHIPOTLE.

4. WZLY loves Tegan and Sara.


Here’s an account from one of our e-board members about how her day went at Boston Calling:

To register Boston on any scale of grandeur, one must look to downtown and its ineluctable glass skyscrapers, its staid, Brutalist monuments, and its occasional parks decorated with Revolutionary tributes.  These are commonplace, and easily avoidable—materialist vestiges of past decades that are hardly impressive, but fill the space, and collectively give Boston a sense of identity.

Before Boston Calling, I had never even been to City Hall Plaza.  And if I had, I very much doubt I would have registered any sense of grandeur—I would have thought to the monotony of city government, to the parallel between the large, oppressive, concrete space and the failures and inefficiencies of such monolith institutions.

But when I got there at three in the afternoon, hungover from finals, and only beginning to become accustomed to the listless, slow pace of senior week—the sudden lack of activity after two weeks of writing 20-page term papers—I was impressed.  The space was perfect for an event of such scale and ambition.  The balcony to City Hall was a perfect location (despite the fact that it was VIP-only) for viewing the entire festival from above.  There, I sat perched on a concrete railing for most of the festival.  The sun set behind the main stages (planned, I’m sure), and I drank water and chewed on a grilled cheese sandwich.

To go to a festival is inherently a different experience than going to a small venue like the Middle East.  It’s harder to see and hear the acts, of course, so the experience becomes more of a collective one.  It becomes more about the cloud of pot smoke that just blew over from several yards over right into your face, and the coughing that results from this misfortune of the wind.  It’s about the crowds pressed together, trying to catch a glance of their favorite musician.  It’s the feeling of happiness that emanates from the crowd when “Monday, Monday” plays, and you just know that the woman vaguely dancing next to you heard this back in college in the 90s, back when she wore her tattoo out more openly and had horn-rimmed glasses.  And it’s running into several people you had not seen in years and hadn’t realized still lived in Boston.

I left after dark, having heard bits and pieces from afar of some acts that could command tens of thousands of dollars per show.  It wasn’t the intimate experience I might have hoped for—I tend to like my music lo-fi, and in a room with 50 people, max—but it gave me a sense of the possibility of community in Boston, of the grandeur that is possible in this city.

We are already looking forward to the fall lineup of the festival. Check out the announcement video. We love it.

With the best line-up yet, the September festival will feature: 

The Replacements
Neutral Milk Hotel
Nas featuring The Roots (performing Illmatic, plus a set from The Roots on their own)
The National

CAN YOU TELL WE ARE EXCITED? Check back here for more updates, reviews, and details.

I don’t know about you guys, but this song from the Zolas is shaping up to be my melancholy jam of the summer (à la Pumped up Kicks or Summertime Sadness). Check out the video for lots of solitary wandering, sunny roadtrips, city lights, and mirror selfies.

and, shout out to the line about the campus library. SCHOOL IS COMING.


King avriel (pronounced av-ree-EL) is an LA-based R&B artist whose experience as a devoted reader and (according to Dazed & Confused) resident smarty-pants bleeds into her intelligent, delicately (but not too delicate) lyrical music. Her debut EP, Thesis is layered and honest, exploring avriel’s personal experiences and their implications. Named an “ethnographic study” in the EP’s accompanying booklet, avriel weaves these experiences into lively words at once insightful and vulnerable; the album is open, fresh, and likely to get even bigger.  -VU

King avriel’s debut EP, Thesis, has is available to stream on her soundcloud.



Some weird ZLY member went through some serious web-stalking and stumbled upon our old Myspace page. It’s super retro and you can check it out here

It turns out this picture was taken by tumblr user & zly-friend bearfax. Hello  there!!

It was awesome to see one of our very own, Caroline Rose ‘11 at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA this past Thursday. Looking forward to her new album dropping on August 19, titled "I Will Not Be Afraid." Robby Hecht opened for her. Our favorite song by him was “Stars,” and you can check it out here.

COMING TO A FESTIVAL NEAR YOU: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes @ Boston Calling, May 2014.

WZLY is super psyched to catch these guys at City Hall Plaza tomorrow, starting at 8PM! Who’s gonna join us?

Boston Calling, Spring 2014

That’s right, radio fans. WZLY will once again be attending Boston’s most popular new music festival, Boston Calling, this Memorial Day weekend. 

And of course, we chose to start off our preview coverage with a kick-ass group of ladies. This song, “Love Is To Die” is off their newly-released album Warpaint. The sultry bass line and ethereal voices will keep you hooked long after the song is over.

Warpaint will be playing on Saturday afternoon.

I went to see Tennis and Haim on Tuesday night at the House of Blues, and had a ton of fun~~ they both have great songs for summer and offer up all my favorite parts of pop music in their most recent albums -chilling out, dancing in the mirror with a brush as a microphone, and crying over a lost love. 

Tennis, a retro pop band from Denver really surprised me. They played mostly songs from Small Sound. Alaina Moore’s voice reminds me of stuff my dad used to play in the car on the way back from school so it took me back to eating cheese sticks and jello in the backseat. I’d definitely recommend Mean Streets from the EP   :)

Haim had a really warm, really quirky stage presence, and got everyone in the audience dancing with their set from Days Are Gone. My absolute fave from the album is My Song 5, but they also performed a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well which was QUITE exciting and they got SUPER into it- they even took it slow for a while and jammed out (it was pretty cool).


WZLY is so excited about seeing Chance tomorrow night. If you’re struggling in the shadow of looming finals, here’s a throwback from 2012, “Hey Ma”- featuring photos of Chance as a baby- to keep you going!

This song all about giving back to the people that have showed you love, so you can listen in appreciation of those special people in your life, or to see Chance’s ADORABLE baby cheeks.