~*This Could Be You*~ at ZLY 72: PARTY OF THE 21ST CENTURY

Zenon & Nebula make us feel some type of way and we bet you feel it too. Your friendly neighborhood college radio is here to save the day: come party it up supernova style at WZLY’s 72nd birthday party, now re-scheduled to MAY 3RD IN LAKE HAUS LIVING ROOM (because the spaceship isn’t completely tricked out yet, and if the past is any indication, ZLY turns down for nothing)

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- JL 

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LDOC 2014: turn down for NOTHING

It’s that time, friends! Only three weeks left until the end of the year. For most of us, that means no more schoolwork! No more procrastinating! No more pulling all-nighters as a result of procrastinating on your schoolwork! However, while this is all well and good, we know that what’s really the best part of the end of the year is LDOC (“Last Day of Classes”, guys. Get it together.) 

Luckily for us, the lineup for 2014 is absolutely DREAMY. On top of MS MR and Boston locals Bearstronaut – already a lineup to slay that of any other College concert, tbh – WZLY and SBOG are also jointly bringing Chance the Rapper. 

HELP. I’ve fallen (in love) and I can’t get up. - VU

getting such a Michel Gondry meets David Lynch vibe from this new Childish Gambino video for Sweatpants. Is it just me or does he seem to be acknowledging all of his alleged narcissism in a way that proves self-involvement is multi-faceted and not just just egotistical? Oh, it’s just me? Ok. Alls I know is that Bino just doing him better than you doing you. -EC

With elections coming up, WZLY wants to make sure that everyone makes an informed decision about who they’re voting for. Visit the College Government Elections site here and view candidate profiles, as well as minutes from the most recent debate, and make your decision-making process a little more informed! Remember: whoever you vote for will be representing you
tl;dr visit Wellesley CG Elections' site and help yourself make a better-informed decision!


Shannon And The Clams picked the perfect spring-has-sprung day to release ”Mama,” a shimmery mirage of a track complete with classic sun-bleached rhythms. Check it out here.

As the sunshine and warm air today helped to confirm, it’s officially SPRING. Celebrate with yearly coming-of-spring ritual of listening to beautiful music and dressing like you’re in a ’60s girl group (or is that just me?)

Find more of Shannon and the Clams here!

Mac Demarco’s much-anticipated Salad Days comes out today. Here’s a Google hangout he did a few days ago, in case you want to spend fifty-five and a-half minutes listening to him answer questions like “What do you smell like?” (a great opening Q, IMHO) and hang out with his girlfriend, Kiki. - VU