COMING TO A FESTIVAL NEAR YOU: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes @ Boston Calling, May 2014.

WZLY is super psyched to catch these guys at City Hall Plaza tomorrow, starting at 8PM! Who’s gonna join us?

Boston Calling, Spring 2014

That’s right, radio fans. WZLY will once again be attending Boston’s most popular new music festival, Boston Calling, this Memorial Day weekend. 

And of course, we chose to start off our preview coverage with a kick-ass group of ladies. This song, “Love Is To Die” is off their newly-released album Warpaint. The sultry bass line and ethereal voices will keep you hooked long after the song is over.

Warpaint will be playing on Saturday afternoon.

I went to see Tennis and Haim on Tuesday night at the House of Blues, and had a ton of fun~~ they both have great songs for summer and offer up all my favorite parts of pop music in their most recent albums -chilling out, dancing in the mirror with a brush as a microphone, and crying over a lost love. 

Tennis, a retro pop band from Denver really surprised me. They played mostly songs from Small Sound. Alaina Moore’s voice reminds me of stuff my dad used to play in the car on the way back from school so it took me back to eating cheese sticks and jello in the backseat. I’d definitely recommend Mean Streets from the EP   :)

Haim had a really warm, really quirky stage presence, and got everyone in the audience dancing with their set from Days Are Gone. My absolute fave from the album is My Song 5, but they also performed a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well which was QUITE exciting and they got SUPER into it- they even took it slow for a while and jammed out (it was pretty cool).


WZLY is so excited about seeing Chance tomorrow night. If you’re struggling in the shadow of looming finals, here’s a throwback from 2012, “Hey Ma”- featuring photos of Chance as a baby- to keep you going!

This song all about giving back to the people that have showed you love, so you can listen in appreciation of those special people in your life, or to see Chance’s ADORABLE baby cheeks. 



In honor of #LDOC2014 this is a spotlight on Vic Mensa, Chance’s BFF! Vic and Chance have collaborated on many tracks including Suitcase and Tweakin’ by Vic Mensa featuring Chance the Rapper and Chance’s hit single (and one of my personal favorite Chance songs) Coco Butter Kisses. Also look at how cute they are together! 

If you’re looking for some new rap / hip-hop check out Vic Mensa! He’s the!! My personal favorite songs of his are Orange Soda and Lovely Day.


Short but sweet.

Everybody who’s anybody should be at Lip Sync tonight to support our fellow bearcats and the other lovely ladies of Wellesley in one of the most fun events of the semester.

Jewett Auditorium, 9pm


The best way to reign in this weekend and the prospect of some leisure is by taking a break with WZLY: relax and sample the artists MS MR’s Lizzy and Max have hand-selected as classic inspiration.  

Then, dream, anticipate, and TURN UP for LDOC THIS WEEK - <3 SM